Msquared Capital

Msquared Capital is a trusted private credit provider. They source and evaluate quality borrowers needing finance and match them with funding from one of their three investment vehicles. Investors have a choice of investment return depending on their risk appetite. Msquared Capital has returned 100% of investor capital since it’s inception.

Rpjdesign was responsible for orchestrating the entire brand rollout, seamlessly guiding the journey from inception to realisation. In a harmonious collaboration with the team at Msquared Capital, we meticulously crafted a visual identity that not only encapsulates the essence of the business but also its deep industry expertise. At the core of the brand and its collateral lies a powerful narrative centered around connection, collaboration, and the profound exchange of experiences. This narrative is vividly brought to life through an array of dynamic assets that leave an indelible mark on the audience, making the brand an unmistakable force in its industry.


Logo/Identity Design
Graphic Design
Brand Guidelines
Website Design & Development

Ryan is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is prompt, reliable, and has excellent attention to detail. His commitment to perfection, along with his warm and friendly approach, makes collaborating on projects a highly enjoyable experience. Recently, Ryan helped us re-design our company’s website – the result was nothing short of amazing and completely exceeded expectations. We highly recommend Ryan for not only his creative flair but also his dedication and professionalism.
Paul Miron
Managing Director