Sum Ami

Enjoy SumAmi (pronounced: su•ma•mi) Chilli Oil on almost anything! Elevate your plate with the perfect balance of heat and incredible depth of flavour. Drizzle it on or use it in your cooking. Seriously good!

The team at RPJDESIGN loved creating this incredibly vibrant branding and packaging to bring these outstanding premium products to life. The clients brief was to stand out on the shelves and differentiate itself among its competitors and boy does it do that! Additionally we developed the brandmark made up of a 5 part circle representing the 5 taste sensations.


Logo/Identity Design
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Brand Collateral

Ryan's passion for design and creativity ensured a seamless experience throughout our collaboration. From the initial meeting to executing the brief, Ryan's professionalism and genuine approach were evident at every step. RPJdesign elevated all aspects of our brand and we look forward to working together in the near future. 5 stars!
Lachlan Lemarseny
Owner - Sum ami